Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Published Results

It’s never over until it’s over. I finally published a paper on the results of this field work on song variation in the Mourning Warbler. A copy can be downloaded from this link on the web page for my CV. Scroll down to Publications: PITOCCHELLI, J. 2011. Macrogeographic variation in the song of the Mourning Warbler (Oporornis philadelphia). Canadian Jl. Zoology 89: 1027-1040 and click on the link.

During the spring semester 2012, I will be teaching Ornithology (BI 347). We will be taking field trips along the coasts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts throughout much of the winter and work our way inland later in the spring. I will post some of the result of these trips on this blog and or link them to a page with the full daylists for each trip.

During the summer 2012 I will be conducting similar work on the MacGillivray's Warbler in the western United States. I will be adding posts to this blog as I travel on this trip - more later this summer.