Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Hampshire 2009

I am back home in Newbury, NH but the next round of work is just beginning. I have two immediate tasks to complete:

1) conduct more field work in Franconia, NH over the weekend that includes some playback experiments with Mourning Warblers signing the eastern dialect,

2) data management that includes cataloguing, updating and organizing all the digital recordings from this season.

I also have to remember that I am Chair of the Biology Department, get into the office and attend to my Departmental duties.

I have just learned that my abstract, SONG VARIATION IN THE MOURNING WARBLER, that I submitted earlier this month for the upcoming 127th American Ornithologists Union annual meeting at the University of Pennsylvania has been accepted for an oral presentation. I hope to include some of this season's data into this paper. I will also be Chairing that same paper session on Songs and Vocalizations for the meeting.

This summer continues to be filled with great news!

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