Thursday, June 14, 2012

14 June 2012

I am ahead of schedule and tired so I took the day off and just went birding at the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge near Alturas, California. It was a festival of waterfowl but many other western species were there also. I have several videos of some of these birds below. All of these birds frequent wetlands and marshes during one or more times of the year. Preserving wildlife refuges is critical to their survival. There was also a female Mule Deer with 2 fawns in the marsh.

Black-necked Stilt

Lesser Scaup

Marsh Wren

Tree Swallow near nest box

Sooty Grouse

Mule Deer female with fawns

Day-list: California: Modoc Co., Modoc NWR, Alturas

Black-crowned Night Heron

Canada Goose


Blue-winged Teal

Cinnamon Teal

Northern Shoveler


American Wigeon


Lesser Scaup

Turkey Vulture

Northern Harrier

Red-tailed Hawk

Ring-necked Pheasant

American Coot

Sandhill Crane


Black-necked Stilt

Wilson’s Phalarope

Franklin’s Gull

Mourning Dove

Common Nighthawk

Western Kingbird

Tree Swallow

Cliff Swallow

Black-billed Magpie

Marsh Wren

American Robin

European Starling

Common Yellowthroat

Song Sparrow

Red-winged Blackbird

Western Meadowlark

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Brewer’s Blackbird

Brown-headed Cowbird

Bullock’s Oriole

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